My Story

After training primarily as a physicist throughout my traditional education I decided to take a different course after university and took the self education route to become an artist. I have now been working on comics projects either part time or full time since 2010 and will no doubt be continuing my arts education for the rest of my life.

The Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures was my first graphic novel as a colorist and since then my comics career has continued to grow and develop. In 2012 I completed colors on the first of what would become a host of titles for Medikidz and began working freelance on several smaller jobs for various publishers and individuals.

In early 2013 I began my current relationship with the HiFi Color Studio for whom I work on a wide range of comics projects for publishers as diverse as DC, Titan, Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Bongo Comics and a whole host of independent creators.

They keep me pretty busy and chances are I'm coloring a book or two for them right now.