Art Soundoff 2017 #1 - The longest EVER Art Soundoff post.

I really, really tried to make this short and concise. Alas, it was not to be and I couldn't figure out how to proceed without the post being super long, or how to split it up.

Fortunately, my wife has taken the first hit for you & given me a 15-minute edit to cut out from the original posting!  So if at any point I seem to be referring to something mentioned earlier, but you didn't hear it being mentioned, that's why.

To summarise, this edit was trying to convey that over the last few years I've been slowly stacking up physical and mental health challenges behind an increasingly strained dam which was approaching a critical point of flux.

My aim with these posts is not to post downers.  In my own journey, I have stumbled across some positive things I believe might help people going through similar issues.  There's a wider conversation happening around mental and physical health challenges prevalent in the modern world, and this seems to be particularly relevant to the art community.

So if you really love artists you probably don't know waxing lyrical about their random art life stuff, settle on in and make yourself comfortable.