Art Soundoff 2017 #4 - FOMO No More

Today I try to tackle a couple of questions set to me by Leonard Angelo on Twitter the other day as part of the #ArtSoundoff event in response to my first journal post from this year. 

These focus around how I'm feeling about my progress and how am I'm able to put aside any feelings of FOMO or anxiety over falling behind with my art studies whilst I focus on tackling my health and fitness challenges.

I'm linking here to a good example of the "Stress Bucket" idea that I talked about. It's another tool that can be used in conjunction with a written journal to help identify and explore those things which may be contributing to unhelpful challenges.

Once we're able to identify and analyse the causes of stress we can more easily manage and resolve those which are problematic & make sure that we have adequate coping strategies in place to maintain a healthy buffer.